Unless you know where your book fits into the larger market, your promotional efforts WILL FAIL. 

Wow. That's dramatic. 

But seriously.

Writing to market isn't some smarmy thing that takes away your creativity.

It's about researching the existing market and readers to make sure your book meets expectations. 

It's the best guarantee that people will read your words. 

It's the best way to ensure that you'll sell books. 


Writing to market gets a bad name. It shouldn't. It's the smartest thing you can do to ensure your book will find readers and delight those readers. 

In this workshop we'll learn: 

  • Why writing to market works no matter the genre
  • How to write the book you want while STILL writing to market 
  • Where and how to research the market 
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • How to let readers tell you want they want
  • Which tools will help you save time researching
  • How to discover hot trends & evergreen tropes

The workshop was held live on Wednesday, April 15th at 8pm CST. You will receive access to the replay and additional resources on the Teachery platform.

Who is Kirsten Oliphant?

Kirsten Oliphant has an MFA in fiction and hosts the Create If Writing podcast. 

She is a sought-after speaker who has taught at a number of events such as Podcast Movement, Social Media Breakfast, Social Media Day, Blogher Food, Blog Elevated, and multiple local writing groups. 

She has self-published over a dozen books in multiple genres and under different pen names. Her goals are to make a full-time income as an indie author, writing books she loves. There may come a time where she traditionally publishes books as well, but plans to be firmly planted in the indie world. 


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